Green light for racing to go ahead with a crowd

After ORCi and promoter persistence over the last month, there is some final light at the end of the tunnel! 

Many local authorities now have cleared the way for racing to recommence with spectators in attendance and the first dates logged are Taunton on Monday 20th July, Spedeworth on 25th & 26th July at Ipswich and Aldershot followed by King's Lynn on the 1st & 8th, which apart from Taunton are all currently National Bangers.

As further permissions come through it is expected most tracks will be seeking to resume in August. Some venues may be slower to open than others and may be the end of August into September.

The majority of venues have received a green light with permissions awaited from a minority of others.

Further clarifications will be made regarding devolved governments of Northern Ireland & Scotland - and our colleagues in Southern Ireland.

There remains exact clarification with regards finalised Risk assessments, Covid 19 requirements and individual promotional plans. 

Details should be appearing soon and may or may not vary, venue by venue.

The ORCi will release further policy information and updates in conjunction with promotions.

It's a start!

Last updated  13 July 2020 18:41